Bells Retirement Village

Why Choose us for Your Golden Years?

Spacious Apartments for Independent Living
840 Square Feet of Private Living Space
24-Hour Security
Housekeeping Services
Freshly Prepared Meals
Scheduled Activities
Family Atmosphere
Smoke-Free Environment
Full Service Laundry
Private Bathroom with Call Service
Fully Furnished Kitchen in Each Apartment
Community Beverage Area
Private Mailbox
Friendly, Committed Staff

General Information

There are no areas available for personal storage for the residents, except in individual apartments.
If any items must be stored, the residents are responsible for finding such space at another location.
Space heaters are NOT allowed at any time.
Doorbells or knockers are not allowed.
Noise level should be kept to a minimum in order not to disturb the other residents.
Food should be stored in tight containers and will be routinely checked by employees.
You may have a wreath or small decoration on the door but nothing can be placed in the hallway.
NO extension cords, but surge protectors are allowed.
Residents are not allowed to paint or wallpaper in their apartment or to change the structure in any way; you are allowed to hang pictures on wall.
We will hang a television but you are responsible for the bracket and material needed for this.
Employees of the village or nursing home will be available at all times to contact help for the residents and stay with them until help arrives, but they cannot provide nursing care.


Resident must be 60+ years of age.
Individuals or couples interested in Bells Retirement Village should be able to care for themselves completely.
Be able to take their own medication.
Be able to bathe and dress themselves.
Residents must be mentally strong enough to know they are moving and know the reason for the move.

Laundry Services:

Employees are responsible for all laundry services unless otherwise requested by the resident.
Each apartment will have separate laundry services from the other apartments in the building.
Each apartment will have a scheduled laundry day each week, with the understanding that laundry can be done in between if an emergency should arise.
We no not provide dry cleaning or specialized cleaning.
Residents can do their own laundry before staff arrives or after staff has finished the laundry for the day.

Housekeeping Services:

Employees are responsible for daily garbage pick-up.
Each apartment will be thoroughly cleaned once a week, with routine cleaning each day. Sheets are changed every two weeks.


There are parking spaces available in the front and back of the building. Please ask about the garage parking behind Building I and II. They are privately owned or assigned.
We do not have reserved parking.
Parking places marked “HANDICAPPED” are four handicapped residents only.

Additional Information


Each apartment is furnished with a refrigerator and stove.
Resident will supply their own furniture to make the apartment their home.


Pets of any kind, are strictly prohibited from the building.


The Bells Retirement Village is a smoke-free environment.
Smoking is NOT tolerated in the building under any circumstances.


Residents are responsible for their own breakfasts.
We provide lunch around 11:30 am and dinner around 4:40 pm for our residents.
Guest trays may be requested in moderation.
Meals are to be served by staff either in the dining room or in the resident’s apartment, whichever the resident prefers.


The Bells Retirement Village is strictly a private pay facility.


It is the responsibility of the housekeepers to report any needed repairs to our maintenance department. Let them know your concerns.
Residents may also report repairs to Vickie Norrid at the Bells Assisted Living at 663-3380.

Electrical Services:

Electricity costs are included in the monthly rent of each apartment.

Cable TV Service:

Each apartment if offered cable TV for an additional $10.00 per month which can be added to the rent.
All TV’s must be cable ready. Your TV will be programmed by our maintenance staff. Our cable boxes and remotes will be used and must be returned if you move.
If you want additional cable channels or internet service you will have to set that up with Charter or another internet company at an additional charge billed directly to you.

Telephone Services:

Residents are responsible for getting their own telephone land line service by calling AT&T directly.
Telephones are not required but we strongly suggest that each resident has at least a landline or cell phone in case of an emergency.

Nursing Care:

There is NO nursing care available to the residents of Bells Retirement Village.
There are home health agencies in the area that will come to this location if a resident qualifies for that type of help.
Residents and/or family are responsible for arranging any home health services.
Employees are not to provide any type of nursing services such as dispensing medications, cleaning bodily fluids, treating sores, taking blood pressures or blood sugars.


Call lights are provided in each apartment.

Bells Retirement Village
276 Herndon Drive
Bells, TN  38006